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Posted by Kurt Wuckert on Oct 12, 2020 10:28:59 AM
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At GoVanguard, we strive for our work to speak for us. There are larger information security companies, and flashier ones too. But we were recognized by CIOReview this year for our breadth of expertise, development of open source and proprietary solutions to common information security challenges, and for our industry leadership. While the global economy has struggled, our lean and efficient posture has allowed us to grow amid the pandemic. And the growth hasn’t just been in revenue or profits, but we have grown our team, grown our skill sets and even had the opportunity to give back to our local community. Our stand-out growth in the industry led CIOReview to reach out and ask about the keys to our successes in 2020, and while we tend to struggle with the grandiosity of self-promotion, it was nice to be recognized for our work.

According to Crunchbase,CIOReview is a technology magazine that talks about the enterprise solutions that can redefine the business goals of enterprises tomorrow. It is the leading source that shares innovative enterprise solutions developed by established solutions providers, upcoming hot enterprises and is a neutral source for technology decision makers.”


Let’s share some points from our feature: GoVanguard: On the Forefront of Cybersecurity.

While waxing on about some of the things that landed us on the list of Top 10 Most Promising Enterprise Security Providers, our leadership team agreed that GoVanguard’s commitment to open sourcing our own tools was a key differentiator. For example, “Legion” is a tool that GoVanguard developed as part of the official Kali Linux toolkit. Kali is the most used operating system among pentesters, and Legion is a semi-automated pentesting tool that we use in house as the dashboard for our engagements. Since it is a free and open source tool, the infosec community is free to use it. It also gets some active development back from the community which is a nice way for our developers to keep in touch with pentesting trends around the world. While Legion has been around for quite some time, a big open source announcement that came briefly after our interview with CIOReview was the release of “Karmbian” which is a Kali Linux distribution made to run on Arm hardware that we made for the infosec community.

Amid the discussion of our team and our boutique offering of cybersecurity services, we saved the best for last and discussed the tool we had been keeping mostly under wraps for the last year or so. The announcement of Spearhead! A continuous testing and monitoring tool with up-to-the-second reporting and an always-on cloud deployment for enterprise security clients to use as the dashboard to their entire security program.

“Spearhead’s SaaS model allows for rapid deployment of new features, enhancements and patches while maintaining data integrity, horizontal scalability and cross cloud platform compatibility under Kubernetes,” Shane Scott, GoVanguard CTO.

Please take a look at the complete article for a deeper dive into GoVanguard and all the ways we are keeping at the forefront of cybersecurity!

At GoVanguard, we focus on enterprise level security for big business, start-ups, finance and government agencies. Our SaaS solutions guided by our professional team members can help you deploy secure solutions, clean up existing issues and ultimately achieve a world class level of security!

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