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Top Security Firms Leaked Data to the Dark Web!

What happened when ImmuniWeb decided to scrape some open source data from public lists of cybersecurity conference attendees and check their data integrity on the dark web?

Read More Posted Oct 29, 2020 9:16:05 AM
Amazon Alexa Hacked!

You knew Alexa was listening, but if you have not updated the software this summer, some very dangerous threat actors could be listening too! The recent compromise of Amazon...

Read More Posted Aug 28, 2020 3:35:22 PM
Spearphishing Twitter Hack

The high-profile bitcoin solicitation scam that was successfully executed on Twitter last month was the product of a well-planned mobile spearphishing attack targeting a...

Read More Posted Aug 4, 2020 1:04:54 PM
COVID19 Coronavirus Spreads to Infosec

    Coronavirus Spreads to Infosec   Cybercriminals utilize anxiety, fear and a lack of understanding in order to engineer the environments in which people start making...

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White House Data Breach!

  White House Data Breach   Malicious actors have penetrated the networks of the Department of Defense (DoD) agency tasked with securing and managing electronic...

Read More Posted Feb 28, 2020 4:29:00 PM
Are you Compliant with the New York SHIELD Act?

Are you Compliant with the New York SHIELD Act?   The New York Shield Act has broadly increased the scope of how “private information” is defined, and how it must be...

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Wawa Credit Card Data Breach Part 2 – Is Your Data Secure?

Read More Posted Feb 10, 2020 4:07:00 PM
Wawa Breach Leaks Every Customer Credit Card Number


Read More Posted Jan 31, 2020 4:01:00 PM
Disney Plus: The Most Magical Leak on Earth!

Originally Published on December 3, 2019

Read More Posted Dec 3, 2019 4:15:00 PM